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Hawkeye Breeders is a premier export facility, with the ability to ship semen from qualified bulls to points all around the world. We offer a full line of services for your semen collection and bull reproductive service needs. Feel free to call us at any time to discuss how we can help you capitalize on your most valuable genetics.

Semen Collection Services

  • All bulls in our line-up are collected twice per week normally.
  • Collection days are determined based on the bull’s optimal physical ability to produce semen/and when qualified for export.
  • Collections on non-resident or non-CSS/exportable bulls are done by appointment. 
All bulls are evaluated based on their specific needs and then scheduled into their own customized program for the best results. After evaluating each bull, we determine the best equipment, housing, and semen buffer options to custom fit your bulls potency for optimal results.

View our Bovine Entry Form.
    Our Commitment to Semen Quality

Most of Hawkeye’s crew members have many years of
experience and work in the A.I. industry.

Hawkeye personnel will not allow semen into circulation that has not passed our quality control measures.

Our industry has seen amazing changes in all areas
recently and we anticipate a very exciting future for
reproduction options in the cattle industry.  The newest
generation of Hawkeye Breeders managers is making sure
everything possible is being done to ensure the best
possible A.I. results with the use of Hawkeye semen.  We are constantly upgrading our lab equipment, including our IVOS II.  All our employees have had instruction and real world experience using the equipment to assure a consistent product.


Semen Storage

We also offer convenient semen storage services for our clients. Semen can be collected and stored here at Hawkeye for a minimal service charge. We also can assist you with:

  • Semen shipping
  • Nitrogen refills on your tank
  • Semen pick-up from our location
  • AI supplies
  • Nitrogen tanks
    Housing and Care

We will also work with owners if you have special requests
for bull care and conditioning. We consider animal health
and safety a first priority.  We provide the utmost care
for all animals in residence and follow industry approved
(CSS) guidelines for proper housing and handling.  We feed
premium hay from Kansas along with our nutritionally sound
special  feed mix to provide the best nutrition for our
bulls.  We believe that a healthy bull will produce the best
quality semen.


    Special Care and Challenges

We specialize in special needs animals that may have reproductive or physical challenges which may prevent them from breeding naturally or the collection of semen through more traditional methods. Call us to discuss these services and how we can provide the specialized attention that your bulls deserve.


Associated Collection Services are available: 
In the Courtland, Kansas area at Kevin and Sheila Jensen's facility • Email • 785-243-6397.
North Dakota
For ON FARM collections in the Minot, North Dakota area, contact Tom and Shelly Becker • Email • 701-720-2299.
Iowa and surrounding states
For ON FARM collection in Iowa and surrounding states, contact John Haubs • 641-223-0787

Midwest Cryogenics, Inc.
At Midwest Cryogenics we offer the service of delivering nitrogen to farmers, medical clinics and research places in Iowa. If you are interested in this service, please contact us for more information.

Website: www.midwestcryoinc.com
Office: 515-480-8580
Delivery Driver: 515-710-8219

Company Newsletter
The Hawkeye Breeders, Inc. newsletter is now available to view online. View our December 2017 Newsletter.
Need more information? Please give us a call at 515-993-4711. We love to hear from our customers, and we are always happy to help in anyway we can.
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